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Hangover curing, brain-fuelling bowls of flavour! From delicious vegan options to Pho-nomenal noodle dishes, we’ve got you covered. 



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Brain fuel & hangover cures


If Freshers left you feeling… less than fresh, and you’re desperate for a miracle cure – we might be just what you’re looking for. Our delicious phở broths are hydrating, packed with vitamins and minerals, and have a good sodium kick to get your electrolytes going.

We think it’s the best hangover cure in the world.*

*we’re not sure how scientifically proven this is, but our customers tell us it works.

Brain Food

You’ve made it! You’re officially a super smart uni student. Go you.
The thing is, all the lectures and essays and late night ‘study’ sessions are enough to fry even the brightest brains…

Luckily, the nutrients in phở help battle tiredness and fatigue. It’s the most flavoursome study fuel around.


Sick and tired of the same old vegan options? Searching desperately for delicious new vegan dishes, that aren’t full of strange meat substitutes?

Look no further! More than a quarter of our menu is vegan, ranging from crispy spring rolls and salads to phở noodle soups and desserts. Real Pho, real food.

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We had students try Pho for the first time – tune in to Channel Pho below to see their reactions!

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