Pho Franchise

Pho Franchise

Our Story

Pho is an award-winning Vietnamese street food restaurant founded by husband-and-wife team Stephen and Jules Wall in 2005. The couple were inspired to open the UK’s first speciality phở restaurant after quitting their jobs, travelling around the world, and falling in love with Vietnam and its national dish, phở.

Almost 20 years later they’ve seen their first little restaurant in London pave the way for a group of more than 40 restaurants all around the UK (and growing). While the menu and design of restaurants have evolved over the years, the heart of the concept remains true across various UK cities, high streets, shopping centres and more.

Our Mission

Phở is SO much more than a bowl of soup. It’s an obsession – the soul of a nation. A delicious, healthy dish that is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, constantly tailored to suit the individual.

Our mission is to spread the phở obsession by building a group of individual restaurants that are the best they can be in every way possible.

Why Pho?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider international franchising with us:

– Lean on our 20 years of experience in opening more than 40 Pho restaurants in the UK
– Our senior management team are supported by our founders and have been with the business for many years
– We will support you in all areas of opening an international location – including training your staff and brand marketing
– According to research, Pho has carved out its USP as one of the most authentic, healthiest and freshest brands in Great Britain
– We are the UK’s #1 brand for customers with allergies and dietary requirements

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