Our Christmas party menus are available to book for parties of five or more in most of our restaurants from December 1st - 24th. And our gift vouchers are the perfect gift for your favourite Pho-lover.

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Ready, set, Pho!
2 courses £21.95
3 courses £25.95

Deck with bowls with herbs and chillies! Christmas at Pho is heating up with bowls of winter-warming Phở and heart-warming curries. That means less predictable plates of meat and veg and more epic Pho dishes.

Join us on your big shopping breaks, glammed up before a big night out or for a gift-swapping feast. Come to one of the many participating restaurants with your group of 5 or more and enjoy our special limited-time menu today.

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A very vegan Christmas

This year, we're putting vegans on our nice list with a set menu of tasty plant based flavours. So, move over nut roast 'cause there's a new, totally vegan, festive feast in town.

Fuel every celebration with a menu of fully vegan goodies. And to our gluten-free party people, remember, our menu is mostly naturally gluten-free!

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Festive hangovers

Christmas parties mean Christmas hangovers. Big, bad, can't-shift-them-with-all-the-water-in-the-world hangovers.

But don't worry; we're here to save your festive season.

Rehydrate and replenish with our phở noodle soups. The broths are simmered for 12+ hours, and the salty, spicy deliciousness will have you feeling back to normal* in no time.

*Just FYI, none of this is scientifically proven, but most of our customers tell us it works.

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Sleigh the Christmas gifting game

Step away from the novelty socks; Pho’s got you covered. Delight even the fussiest friends with bowls full of super fresh, super winter-warming flavour.

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