Fresh Hot January

Whether you’re following a specific diet or simply trying to eat well, our fresh, tasty food ticks a lot of boxes.

Our new curry noodle soups are so hot, so steamy and so satisfying, plus we’ve got loads of plant-based dishes for Veganuary.


Steamy, spicy, satisfying...

We’ve launched a new menu of Ca-ri Noodle Soups – the delicious marriage of our classic Vietnamese curry and a steaming bowl of noodle soup.

Topped with a handful of fresh herb salad and slices of red chilli, it’s just the curry soupy wonderfulness you need in January.

Gluten free? Vegan?

Our main menu is over a third vegan with loads of delicious plant-based dishes and almost everything we serve is gluten free, as accredited by Coeliac UK.

Nutritional info

We are now in partnership with WW – Weight Watchers Reimagined. Eat out with friends (while staying on track), or enjoy your SmartPoints® meals while you’re on the go.

Nutritional Info

What makes Pho so healthy?

Our namesake soup is famous for its miraculous nutritional and health benefits. We simmer our bone broth for a minimum of 12 hours, extracting all of the goodness and maximising flavour  The fresh herbs and chillies you can add to the bowl yourself bring, not only tonnes of flavour, but their own unique health benefits.

That’s why we believe that phở is the best noodle soup in the world…

vegan menu

Nearly half of our menu is plant-based, and it keeps on growing. We have vegan meals for every lifestyle – whether you’re all about fresh veg or meat-alternatives. Food that’s good for you, that also tastes good.

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