Pho is never boring! The best part about Vietnamese food is the DIY act of sampling and enhancing your food as you eat, creating a dish that is distinctly yours. Chose a pho from our menu, then create your personal taste at the table with any of our fresh herbs or homemade sauces. As it comes, chilli hot, full of greens and a squirt of lime – it’s up to you.

The food at Pho is unique, thanks to the quality, colour, contrast & texture of Vietnamese ingredients:

  • Fish Sauce

    Fish sauce is at the heart of Vietnamese cuisine. It has a real kick & a salty flavour. Many use it to season their soups.

  • Nước Chấm

    Nước Chấm (made from fish sauce, sugar, fresh red chillies, garlic & rice vinegar) is the dipping sauce central to a lot of dishes & the basis of our salad dressings.

  • Herbs

    Restorative herbs like coriander, mint, saw tooth & Thai basil are served raw & offer the diner the chance to tailor their pho & season it to their liking.

  • Carrot & Mooli Pickle

    Finely chopped carrots & mooli pickled in vinegar. The pickle brings a crunchy texture, bright colour & a flavour complexity to a lot of Vietnamese dishes.

  • Rice Papers

    Rice papers are very thin & free from wheat & egg. We use these to make our spring & summer rolls & Nem hải sản.

  • Rice Noodles

    Great for people with gluten intolerances.
    • Bánh Pho is the flat rice noodle used in our soups & Pho Xao dishes.
    • Bún noodle is another rice noodle & is more like a thin spaghetti noodle, though much softer. It is used in Bún dishes & in summer rolls.