• Do you take bookings?

    Most of our restaurants do not take bookings – just come along and have a drink if you need to wait a small time for a table – we have some fantastic cocktails!

    However, while we mostly operate on first come first served basis we do keep a few tables for reservations in some restaurants…

    • Balham, Chiswick, Ealing, Islington, Kingston, Manchester and St Paul’s – we take limited bookings in these restaurants every day. Please use the booking calendar on the restaurant’s page or call the restaurant to book.
    • Brighton – we take bookings every day except Saturdays. Please call the restaurant to book.
  • Is anything on your menu gluten free?

    The majority of items on our menu are gluten-free, as accredited by Coeliac UK.

    Please note: these items are not gluten-free – Chả Giò (spring rolls), Nem Hải Sản, Hoisin sauce & the beers. Bún dishes can be ordered without spring roll on request.

    On our dessert menu, these items are not gluten free: the chocolate slab, the cheesecake and the pandan cake. All other items are gluten free as accredited by Coeliac UK.

    The vast majority of our menu is also egg & dairy free. 

    Click here for our official gluten free statement (with detailed info) approved by Coeliac UK

  • Is your meat halal?

    Our chicken meat is halal.

  • Do you have any Vegan dishes?

    Our menu is really great for a vegan diet – this is because we use very little dairy or egg in our cooking. Anything on our menu (eat-in and takeaway/delivery), you see that is vegetarian can also be tailored to a vegan diet – just be sure to tell a member of staff as we may need to replace side sauces or dipping sauces with a vegan option like soy ginger or homemade peanut sauce. 

    We have vegan options in every section of our menu, from starters to desserts, including: veggie summer rolls, veggie spring rolls, salads, pho noodle soups (like tofu & mushroom, or 3 mushroom in our homemade veggie broth), bun noodle dishes (tofu, veggie spring roll), wok-fried noodles (tofu & mushroom), and our fragrant Vietnamese curry (tofu).

    Some vegan favourites include:

    – Goi Cuon – fresh rice paper veggie summer rolls with peanut sauce or soy ginger
    – Goi Chay – salad with Asian herbs, peppers & a chilli ginger dressing
    – Bun nam rom Hue – hot & spicy pho noodle soup with enoki, shiitake & button mushrooms + pak choi in vegetarian broth

  • I have a peanut allergy – are any of your dishes peanut-free?

    • Any of the dishes on our menu can be made without peanuts except for our peanut sauce.
    • Please advise staff of a peanut allergy when ordering. As peanuts are present in our kitchens, we cannot guarantee, even if we endeavour to make a dish without peanuts, that we will be 100% successful in removing them.
  • I have a food allergy...what can I eat on your menu?

    • Some of the EU’s list of top allergens are present in some of our dishes, but we always endeavour to adapt our menu where we can to be flexible for customers with food allergies. For food allergies including gluten, shellfish, egg, fish, lupin, milk, mollusc, nuts, peanut, soya, sesame, celery or celeriac, mustard, sulphites, garlic, onion or coconut, please speak to a manager. As these allergens are present in our kitchens, we cannot guarantee, even if we endeavour to make a dish without an allergen in, that we will be 100% successful in removing it.
  • Do you have a kids' menu?

    Yes! Kids love noodles. Check out our kids’ menu here